8 Amazing And Simple Makeup Tips To Show Your Eyes Smokey

In face, eye plays a very important role. A person firstly notice your eyes and your eyes can attract anyone, and if it is Smokey eye, then it can kill anyone.

So girls, do you want to kill someone by your eyes??? ๐Ÿ™‚

Here I am sharing 8 amazing and simple smoky eye makeup tips that will really helpful for doing your eye makeup in a perfect form, and the tips are:

  1. Apply highlighter: Chose the lightest shade out of 3 eye shadow color
  2. Apply eye shadow: Put medium color on your eyelid
  3. Apply the dark color eyeshadow and sweep it in the โ€˜Cโ€™ shape
  4. Apply same darker shade eyeshadow to the lower lash line
  5. Apply a soft highlight on your brow bone as well as blend your shadows
  6. Use eye liner
  7. Apply mascara: Donโ€™t add more than 2 coats, otherwise it gives unnatural look
  8. Brush away other excess color: While applying mascara or eye shadow, some color fell down on your cheeks or below your eyes, then with the help large makeup brush to brush it off.

These are 8 amazing and simple tips for the Smokey eye makeup, and you will can do it by yourself only. Now, with this you can do the Smokey eye makeup, and you never need an expert for the eye makeup. Now, what are you waiting for, try this tips and get ready to look fabulous..

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