Green Coffee Plus Review

Green Coffee – The Day When I Realized I am Over Wight

I realized this one day when I went to buy a new dress for myself. As usual, I picked up my regular size Medium but the helper standing there suggests me to take XL size with me, I did not pay attention to what he said. I took the dress the in the trail room, but you know what happened? That dress doesn’t fit me even I couldn’t wear that. I saw myself in the mirror of the trail room and I realized that I have gained a lot of weight. I came back home and asked my mother “Mom am I really getting fat?” she replied “No not that much but little bit. Why what happened? Has someone said something? I replied “No” and went to my room. I didn’t had dinner that day and got really upset.

I tried all my old dresses one by one, but none of them fits me. I could not understand what to do now? I kept crying all night and kept thinking why did I become so careless? I stopped taking care of myself since I joined the job I didn’t followed my healthy routine.

It was 8’o clock in the morning and it was time for me to go to office but due to crying all night long I got headache. I took leave from my office.

I research on lots of ways to be thin on the internet and started trying something new every day. A month has passed while I was getting fat instead of thin and at that time I was so depressed and ask everybody for advice and tries to do whatever Remedy they suggest, nothing was working for me.

One day I called one of my sisters and told her my problem, she is a doctor by profession, she first asked about my schedule and told me about Green Coffee. I had done almost everything to lose my weight so I thought to try this product too.

She also said to make some changes in my schedule like going for the morning and evening walk, consuming 3-4 littler water, having light dinner at night, etc. I ordered green coffee and started having that. Within a couple of days, I started feeling a bit light and after gradually following a healthy routine, green coffee started showing its effect. Within a month, I started looking great I lost 5 Kilo weight. My lost confidence came back and after having green coffee for 2 consecutive months, I lost almost 12 kilograms Now I look more beautiful and attractive than ever, thanks to the Green Coffee.

Green Coffee Plus


Who will not be in love with their health and body but it becomes very difficult to take proper care of our body in busy life routine. The effect of which soon can be seen on our body in the form of extra fat, unhealthy meal slows down metabolism and lots of toxins enters in our body which results saturated fat deposited in our body. But what If you find something that is absolutely natural and remove the extra fat of your body and make you perfectly fit. Green coffee plus is a product made with green coffee extract, it has 50% coffee antioxidants that detoxify our body, green coffee plus is a safe product as it is made up with un-roasted coffee. Lots of studies and research proven that health benefits of green coffee are higher than roasted coffee.

Price $29.95 1 Bottle

Product Description –

Green Coffee Plus has green coffee extracts .50 % coffee antioxidant .It is 100% natural, helps in loosing extra kilos from your body. Detoxify the bad toxins and promotes good health by boosting up our metabolism.

Features –

Support Weight Loss – By consuming green coffee you can cut down your extra kilograms, Green Coffee Plus support your body by detoxification of toxins. When there will be less toxins your body functions smoothly and speculated fat started reducing automatically.

Antioxidant Support –There are some free radicals which can cause health hazard like cancer and other health disease. These free radicals enters in our body from many things we intake Vitamin C and E provide required Antioxidants, which help our cells to repair and protect from these radicals so it is essential to intake some anti oxidant regularly. Green Coffee Plus helps us by giving ample amount of it.


Green coffee extracts, 50% of GCA by weight, Inactive ingredient-Cellulose Magnesium Stearate.

My experience with Green coffee Plus


This product packed in a plastic bottle which is quite handy and easy to carry. This comes in Capsules so you need to only sallow it.

Usage /Result

Its depend upon your dedication and following all required activities with having Green Coffee plus.


  • Full of antioxidant.
  • Help to boost up Metabolism.
  • Help in reducing weight with regularly with healthy diet.
  • Help in detoxify your body.
  • Made up with natural ingredient.
  • No side effects.
  • Give you energy and make you feel less hungry.


  • These capsules will not be that effective if you will not follow a healthy routine.

Stylehelorio Rating-09/10

Will I recommend Green Coffee Plus

Definitely Yes,I would recommend to consume this product if you really want to came back in a shape but nothing works magically if you don’t follow a healthy routine and diet.