Kozicare Skin Whitening Cream


Nowadays, everyone want to look fair, young and beautiful  that makes us passionate for our skincare routine .We all need a product that can help us to keep our skin young, there are a lot of products available in the market. Kozicare cream is one of those which we all have heard the name somewhere. The reason for this cream being famous is that it contains Kojic acid Arbutin and Glutathione. Glutathione and Kojic acid helps to keep our skin young and beautiful, as well as it improves the texture of the skin. Can you imagine a cream can give you Glowing Skin,Sunscreen Protection ,Removes Spot, Moisturize skin and treat hyper pigmentation, well this cream can solve your all problems . Let’s know everything about this product.

Price -170 RS.

Product Description

 It has Kojic Acid  and Glutathione that help your skin to rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles, dark spot and premature aging. 


Fair Glowing and youthful Skin: It gives you a natural glow as it repair your skin.

Sunscreen Protection:  It is not mentioned that how much SPF is there in the cream but it can heal your skin from sun damage.

Remove Spot : Cream will help you to remove spots when use regularly at night. 

Moisturised Skin : This cream repair your skin cells and provide soft and supple skin .

All type of hyper-pigmented skin : It reduce pigmentation from your skin if used regularly at least for one month .


 Kojic acid, Glutathione, Mulberry Extract, Arbutin, Liquorice Extract, Niacinamide, Allantoin.

My experience with Kojicare Skin Whitening Cream


Kozicare skin whitening cream comes in a tube packaging, I brought a 15gm tube. This tube comes with an outer cardboard box which is quite compact and easy to carry. The tube and box has all the directions and all information related to this product.  

 Texture, Consistency and fragrance :

It has thick and creamy consistency. It has light smell that I personally don’t liked too much but after application the smell will fade within half an hour .The colour of cream is off white and small amount of cream is enough for single application on face as it spread very easily. 

Usage /Result

I have been using this cream from almost 6 weeks as a night cream and I thought it’s right time to review it. My skin is very oily and acne prone that’s why I didn’t used this cream twice a day as it is suggested. I used this cream only at night to see its good effects and it really worked for me magically.

I typically washed my face with a gel face wash and pat dry the skin .Then I take a very small amount of cream on my figure and spread it with light hands ,it get absorbed easily .

If we will take about the skin whitening so I would say this cream will not provide you skin whitening instantly like other fairness cream but it will repair your skin slowly so you would feel that your skin texture is improving. It tightened my skin and lightened or blurred my acne spot but the spots are still visible so I can’t say that it will fully repair and remove dark spots. It perfectly moisturised my skin and gives nourishment as it claims but I can’t see a huge change in my skin complexion .I would say it will brighten your skin and make that flawless but don’t expect a magical whitening in your face and body.  


  •  Give flawless smooth skin
  • Does not irritate
  • Light the dark spot
  • Improve skin texture
  • Provide long lasting fairness
  • Work on pigmentation on some extend
  • Heal  dull and dry skin


  • Does not give you milky whiteness on your skin
  • Makes skin oily and sticky just after application

Stylehelario Rating :09/10

Will I recommend Kojicare skin whitening cream ?

Yeah for sure, if your skin is not oily and you want a spotless young skin, go for it.

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