Makeup Tips For Job Interview

job interview

First impression is the last impression! I always keep this quote in my head before meeting anyone in the

party or in the office. When I talk about job interviews, we always think that our resume can do the

wonders and there is no need to look good. But here in this write up I want to tell my readers that it is a

worst assumptions.

Today we have come up with makeup tips for the job interview that will help you to score some extra

points from your boss and might get better salary offer too (wink).

Happy reading!

1. Formal Dress:

Go with the flow is my dress tip. I mean as per the job requirements dress. If you are going to MNCs or

banking profile then wear a white shirt with cream trouser and if you are going as writer’s profile prefer an

elegant Kurti that will match with your personality.

2. Makeup

Don’t overdo it! Keep it casual and natural with nude lipstick and black Kajal. Red lip color is big NO!

3. Foot wear

Same as dress code, go with the flow. I always prefer high black heels with formals. Please avoid bows

and ribbon your belly that makes you look immature and funny. You can too wear flats that are subtle and

smart, if you are going through metros!

4. Bags

Avoid bulk and carry simple file of resume with a clutch that is simple.

Keep it right! Smile and be confident!

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