What is the first thing that a person notices in you when you meet.

Shoes are the first thing that a person notices in you when you meet. Due to this reason it is important to pick up the right pair of shoes. When it comes to teen shoes, it is all about a perfect combination of style and comfort. Both teenage boys and girls love to wear something that shows off their style and gives them super comfort. Here are some of the eye-catching teenage shoe trends 2016 that you need to check out.

Show trends 2016

There are various show trends when it comes to teenagers. Most teens, be it boys or girls love to wear a comfortable pair that has come in vibrant colors. Talking about the trend, here are some of the rocking trends you cannot afford to miss.


The first in the list includes boots, be it boys or girls everyone loves to own at least one or two pairs of boots. The benefit of having these in your wardrobe is that you can wear it all types of outfits, be it denims, chinos, skirts, shorts and more.


 Sneakers are another trend that is all set to rock 2016. Be it colorful ones or just monochromatic ones, sneakers. These are again unisex in style and perfect for fall, winters or summers. Above all, you can pair with any outfit and still look cool. Since teens need to spend more time outdoors be it in school or college, sneakers are one of their top choices.


Canvas shoes never go out of fashion. Be it solid color canvas shoes or printed ones, teenagers love to wear these whenever they look for comfort and style. Along with this, plaid high canvas shoes are also quite in vogue.


Casual shoes such as loafers are also one of the top favorites of teens. These are equally comfortable and stylish like the other trends. Due to their stylish appearance teens love to own a pair of these. Teens can team it up with denims as well as chinos for a smart look.

Slip on-

Teens love to wear shoes that don’t require too much time to put on. Whether attending classes or just hanging out with friends slip on shoes are a must have. Due to their super comfort and easy to wear style, these are among the most favorite teenage shoe trends 2016.



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